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PlayIt Live crashes every day


I have my internet radio station running 24/7. About a month ago it was crashing once a week, but from last week it crashes almost every day. But the biggest problem is, that after last crash disappered all track from one (and the biggest) Track Group. Any help how could I recover that?

And I forgot to say: that printscreen is from the last crash. I tried to send report, but it didn't really work. And another question I've got - can I somehow stop that crashing?

Hi Martin,

Which version of PlayIt Live are you running? Have you submitted any of the error reports? The OutOfMemory exception could indicate that your computer is out of memory or PlayIt Live is using a lot of memory. Can you check the status of that?

I am not sure why the crash would have removed tracks from track groups... I can't help recover that. If you have installed a version recently, a backup of the database would have been created here C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live\Backups where you can copy an old database over the top of your existing one to restore the database. Any current data would be replaced by the backup data.


I'm running version 2.06, build 2796. I tried to submit some reports, but that never worked, just appeared a white window instead. I haven't checked memory usage of PlayIt Live yet, now it uses about 330 - 350 MB. I don't think that memory should be a big problem anyway, I've got in total 16 GB of it.

I'll probably try to reinstall it completely to the new version, cause when I tried to put everything bag, it keeps saying that it was unable to find a track in group for jingles because of playout policy, that is not chosen for that track groups :D Data seems to be lost anyway, backup didn't really help.

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