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PlayIt LIVE shuts down without warning

I have been using PlayIt LIVE for a few months now in conjunction with OTSAV - recently I have started to rely more on PlayIt and am trying to run it 24/7 - however on more than one occasion it has (normally through the night) closed itself down without warning.

I suspected a Windows update first time but then realised that 1) the PC was still logged in and I would have had to log in again if the PC had restarted and 2) Other audio based programs were still open on the screen.

All I want is this to work properly - I spend a lot of time voicetracking, setting up other peoples shows - all wasted if the program shuts down.

Any suggestions about this?

Hi Dave,

Please can you send diagnostic data using this tool and I will see if there is any indication in the logs as to the reason:


Will do.

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