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Overwrite the track loaded into this cart?

Using PlayIt Cartwall on a touchscreen Microsoft Surface device in a radio studio, the announcers often tap with a slight downward or dragging motion and this triggers the error message "Overwrite the track loaded into this cart?" and the cart does not play. This interferes with broadcast such that we can't rely on the product and won't use it, otherwise it is perfect for our needs if we can stop this happening.

The problem is described in a previous post four months ago at:

Is there a way to lock the screen configuration so a drag motion is always interpreted as a tap/click and the cart is always played and the attempt to overwrite a cart below it is not generated? It's quite critical to solve this in our decision to use the software.


This has been raised internally and is on the backlog to resolve. I will take a look to see if this is trivial to resolve.


This issue is now resolved in the latest version of PlayIt Cartwall:

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