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Auxiliary Input

I paid for a microphone plug in. When I go to add a program I drag that box over to the start location, and type in 30 for 30 minutes, and add the name of the program. Even though I paid to use the mic, when the auxiliary entry program begins a female voice says “Trial” about every 5-7 seconds talking right along with the program. How do I get that to shut up? I paid for my plug in. I shouldn’t have to put up with the word “trial” ruining my programs... Thank you, Gerry

Hi Gerry,

The Microphone Mix plugin is not the same as the Voice Tracking module. The Voice Tracking module is required to remove the 'trial' voiceover. I can see you have since started a subscription for this.



I did. But now I can’t use it as I am having to play my shows on PlayIt Live, and since the plug-in to join ShoutCast rarely works, and then drops the connection at any time) I have to send the audio out to my control board, run it through the board, return it to the input of the sound card and to the broadcast module of WinAmp that sends it to ShoutCast. Since the station sound is always monopolizing the board I can’t use it for the mic to talk during my songs...
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