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Problems with ads repeating

Hi all, busting my brain to try and think what i am doing wrong here. I have a category calls ads and i am using events to schedule 4 ads back to back before the end of the hour and sometimes in the hour. 

The breaks work fine and time markers all kick in etc but certain ads repeat 2 or 3 times in a break sometimes. I have set a playout policy for the category to not play the same file for 27 mins but still i am getting the same add 3 x in a break at points.

Can anyone tell me where i might be going wrong or what i am missing?

Hi Mark,

Please could you post screenshots of your setup of the events, clocks and playout policy so it will help paint a bigger picture.



Hi Jason, thanks images are attached. I know I am doing something wrong but I just can't figure in my tiny mind what i am doing

(4.57 MB)
(5.26 MB)
(3.38 MB)

Hi Mark,

Can you show a screenshot of the Insert track actions?

Ah, could it be the little checkbox that i didn't tick saying "Try and  respect the playout policy"?

That's the one :)

Cheers Jason, I knew i was not doing something but couldn't work out what.

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