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Encoder Error

I am wanting to stream using the encoder plugin but when I enter the info  Channel icecast 256 kbps MP3

Server Type: Icecast

Mount Point: stream

Server IP:

Port: 4590

Password: [redacted]

it fails to connect. Any ideas of how I get this to work? 

Thanks Colin

Hi Colin,

I've redacted your password - this is a public forum where anyone can read your stream details. Please ensure the mountpoint has a slash / at the beginning, so /stream.

Thanks. I will try that. Thanks for the password issue. I was not thinking. Colin

I tried /stream and /stream. But neither worked. It seems glitchy and the words are jittering. I uninstalled the plugin and reinstalled but the info was still in the new version. An error message came up and it allowed me to send a report to support. Hmmm. So close!

Hi Colin,

I just tried and it says "Invalid username and password". I also tried them with an external encoder (BUTT: and they do not work either. Please check the details with your streaming provider.

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