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No Audio on Headphone Socket


First off thanks for the software, very good.

1 Problem, when I route the audio to my laptop speakers the sound works perfect but when I route to the headphone socket to attach to a mixer I get no audio, this did work last time I tried but not anymore.

What I have done wrong? Everything is set correctly and when I re-route to speakers all is fine

Thanks for help


It sounds like the headphones and speakers present as different devices on the laptop.

I've a PC where the rear audio on the motherboard and the front connector can be different devices and your laptop seems to be similar.

In many respects an advantage but potentially confusing.

I worked it out, bloody thing.

The laptop has to be set to speakers and Play It set to headphones, they must conflict.

This mean I can use th espeakers for PFL/Edit during a live show

Just to add, I have just tried this again and still nothing.

Here is what im doing, I am changing all of the output device settigns to Headphones, th elaptop is also set to headphones - Still nothing.

When I change it all back to Speakers, then it plays on the laptop speakers fine.

The headphone output works with allother audio software I use

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