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Same Track different Artist keeps playing (Playout Policy not working)

I have a very simple playout policy.  All Tracks.  Do not play the same track within 1 hour (I assume this is referencing the title of the song).  Also Do not play the same artist within 1 hour.

Yet when I automate the playback with this policy, I still get the same track playing within the hour.  Am I just not understanding this or how to set it up?

For example, I have multiple songs that are identical, but the artist is different.  For instance, Jingle Bells is in the list 4 times, but by 4 different artists.

Frank Sinatra - Jingle Bells

Gene Autry - Jingle Bells

Michael Buble - Jingle Bells

Orchestra - Jingle Bells

Why when it looks at the title of the song would it playback the same title within the hour?  It makes no sense.  I am using the latest version 2.06 (build 2796).

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Hi Bill,

For clarity, a track refers to an entry in the track list. "Do not play the same track for 1 hour" refers to the same track entry (your assumption is incorrect). Currently there is no direct way to not play the same title for 1 hour. My suggestion would be to set up a related artist between Frank Sinatra and Gene Autry etc so they are essentially treated as the same artist and will respect the "do not play the same artist" rule.

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