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Looking for LP-FM station using Play It Live

Our low power FM community station (WXOJ-LP, Valley Free Radio) is volunteer-run. We started using PIL last November. It has been a rough transition. I have been the coordinator for the volunteers who set up the syndicated shows each day, so I deal with the problems they have. I am slowly learning how to navigate PIL. The major problem is that the person who set it up and who is called in when something isn't working, is not a good teacher, works at two other radio stations and is generally very busy. I'm looking for a small station who uses PIL and someone there who can help me figure out how PIL works. I know some basics (creating track groups and clocks), but when I ask about why something is working the way it is, I don't get any help.
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I use it.  Im still on version 1.08 or something, but I love PIL.  The best thing about it is if you screw up, just clean your music categories and start from scratch.  I'm probably not the best help, but i thought i'd throw my 2 cents in.  stick with PIL and you wont go wrong.  

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