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How to connect On Air?

I setup everything finish and at least I install The free Internet Broadcarst Plugin.
I follow the screem print but can not get On air...

I make Noip so my address is
And that what I use for my server address.

Port no. I tryed 80, 8148, 25433, and 25432 On one works...
And i need a script for my website I can´t find it...

Can anyone help me?

Best Regards
Mikael Moelskov Hansen
Mukdaharn, Thailand

No on air.png
(85.7 KB)

I setup my router for this servel port types...

Hello Mikael.

Some basics.

Where is your Icecast server ? 

  1. Somewhere on the Internet, 
  2. On your local network on a different machine
  3. On the same machine as PlayIt Live

I would hope outside your local network if you expect others to connect but any of these can work.

You only need port forwarding if you have a server running Icecast within your network (which I don't recommend anyway).

Have a read of:

There are various free Icecast servers (just Google free Icecast Server) for a few streams and experimentation, sign up for one of those to get it working before doing anything else.

i didn't know playit had such feature?

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