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Cant connect

I've installed playit Manager on a clean windows 10 install but cannot get playit live to connect to it. It displays the server when browsed in playit live but when I click connect it come back with an error message saying it cannot find the server. Any ideas? Do I need to open ports on my router? Many thanks, Alan.

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Hi Alan,

Yes, you would need to set up port forwarding on the router to allow access to the PlayIt Manager machine and also open the port 25432 (default) on the firewall to allow access. You don't need to use PlayIt Live to test the URL, you can just use a web browser which will allow you to access the data. If you can't access it via the web browser then you have not set this up correctly.

If you are trying to access outside your network, you need to use the public IP address of your router, rather than the name of the PlayIt Manager machine.

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Hey Jason, connecting to playit manager on a LAN and it's coming up saying it can't connect 'Error connecting to server: http://kai-server-3:25432/: Unable to connect to the remote server' 



Any Ideas? - Note I can connect to manager on live on the same machine with that URL just not others on the network

A full day of troubleshooting later: Solved! - For future viewers of this thread check your PC's firewall. Try disabling the firewall then try the connection, if this works add the port as an exception of the firewall and connect. Should work fine for you :)

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