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Importing songs into playit manager - silence thresholds, etc

 Is it possible to change the silence threshold when importing songs into playit manager? It clips the beginning and end quite aggressively and I can't see where to change the thresholds.

What would be great is to be able to add a defined period of time to the beginning/end (such as 1 second added to beginning/end from the detected beginning/end).

It's particularly the end that seems to get quite aggressively clipped.

Hi Sam,

Sorry, this is not currently possible in PlayIt Manager, it just uses some (what I thought were) sensible defaults. There are plans to make these thresholds configurable.

Is there some reason we could clear out all the auto-detected start and ends for the tracks we have in our library?

A few people have complained about how they chop out early and the only two ways to rectify this would be to re-import all tracks and re-sort them, or to manually redo all of the fade out points.

Would be good if we could simply just clear all the predefined fade out points to the end of the MP3 - is this possible somehow as a batch on all tracks in the library?


Hi Sam,

In PlayIt Manager, no. PlayIt Live features the ability to bulk analyse tracks but does not have the ability to post these changes back to PlayIt Manager. I am working on this.

Looking through the database, it looks like there is <Duration> and <MixOut>.
On quite a lot of the tracks the duration is up to 40 seconds less than the MixOut.

Presumably if I write a script to make all the MixOut values equal Duration then that would do the trick?

It's generally on the older ones - Al Green, Marvin Gaye, etc. I presume this is because they weren't mastered without compression so often won't be high enough to hit the audio detector.

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