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Playit manager or Playit remote manager?

 Now with the remote manager option in Playit, should I stick with Playit manager or go over to the remote management feature for the "server PC"?

Interested in what the differences, etc, are, and what the benefits are of each?

I am assuming that Playit remote management (the new one) may be better because track editing, etc, is far better in Playit than the manager, but what are the disadvantages, etc?

Presumably the answer will explain it all, but is one designed to replace the other eventually?

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Hi Samuel

The Remote Management Module enables the remote management abilities in both PlayIt Live and PlayIt Manager.

Using remote management in PlayIt Live allows you to remotely manage the PlayIt Live data directly without having to migrate the data to PlayIt Manager. And yes, you can still use the editing capabilities of the PlayIt Live desktop user interface.

Using PlayIt Manager allows you to separate the data management from PlayIt Live so PlayIt Live can focus on playing audio.


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