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I like the Manual/Semi-Auto/Auto settings but sometimes it stops randomly when in anything other than Auto mode.

What would be nice is to have almost two more modes:-
"Playout", which is exactly the same as Semi-Auto but cannot stop, then if it stops a watchdog kicks it going again (I assume something like this happens in Auto).

The second suggested mode is "Remote". This is for when you are on a remote computer and doesn't allow you to play or mark any items in the log as played. This would be a safety feature - sometimes it is possible to accidentally click play and take something out the log on the playout computer. Also when in this "remote" mode it would try to sync with the playout computer and therefore show the correct times in the log (as the song plays then all the start times just count up until the next item gets played then they all jump back down).

In Remote mode it would therefore almost be possible to do a show semi-live remotely using the voicetrack feature only running a few minutes ahead of time.

Hopefully these two modes would add to the reliability and usability of the software in a multi-user environment
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