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Trying to get playout policy to recognize artist name variations

The reality of the situation is playout policies only allow filtering via the artist or title tags. This would be easily solvable if we could do a custom tag policy.

I have three main groups of PSAs I want the program to rotate through throughout the day.

1 PSA per hour.

The groups are National PSA, Local PSA, Covid19 PSA.

The "artist" of the groups are the name of the psa campaign. I did not want to mass edit these to make them say either national or local, etc.

This is what I did:

I put every national campaign "artist" as a related artist to "National PSA" and every local psa campaign "artist" as an artist related artist to "Local PSA". I actually did make the artist on all the Covid PSAs "Covid PSA" and didn't relate to either of those groups. I made a playout policy for the PSA track group (that plays once an hour) to not play the same artist within 3 hours. I didn't close or refresh the program or computer, so maybe that needed to be done.

It's not working at all. The last resort I might try is to sorta spiderweb all the campaign groups together where

campaign A is related to campaign B

campaign A is related to campaign C

campaign A is related to campaign X

campaign B is related to campaign C

campaign B is related to campaign X

repeating for every group, but that would be a hassle.

Ideally I'd like to add a custom tag to the files named PSA and have it be a number, 1 for national 2 for local 3 for covid, and easily added on if there are special things we want to highlight (census PSAs for example)

Does anyone know if I am doing it wrong, if there is a better way to do this, or if the related artist feature will be updated to understand more than two names for an "artist"?

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