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VU Meters

Hi..I have downloaded Playit Live,but dont have vu meters at the top when i play a song..Is this feature a pay for addon..Thanks

Hi Mark Every thing works ok.I can hear the music perfect..I would think the down load on the site is the latest version..Thanks again..

Hello Dara,

The meters should just work. You need very quiet audio before you don't get any flashing on the meters.

Very curious, I take it you can hear the mixed output of PlayIt Live on the computer (all the players are set to a computer sound output) and it all works OK.

Just to add that thevsongs were taken from my cd collection..
Hi Mark..The songs are mp3..They play ok.l was looking at a youtube video about playit live..I saw saw the song signal at top left,which I never saw in what I use..Thanks

Hello Dara,

While they are not quite VU meters, the meters don't require any add on and from my experience "just work".

I take it the songs play OK.

My best guess is that, for some reason, the files are low level.

Is there anything "unusual" about the song files ? 

If you use a commercial MP3 file do you see the meters indicating ? 

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