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Duration export, variable duration files

There are two features that are a MUST have for me... 

Does the title export plugin, or something, have the ability to export duration time of an item played? 

Also, does the software allow variable duration files? 

I need the duration as my stream provider uses it for the app, and variable duration as I have automatic news spots that change in time (they aren't always 2 minutes).

I really love the software and want to make it work, but I must have those two items. I've been testing it and can't find that anywhere.

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Hello Rob H,

As far as I know the "now playing" plug in can't provide the duration. 

I can see why it can't as it has to assume that the item will play to the end (which might not be true in live assist).

You could add it to the list of feature requests.

It's a shame that the streaming provider can't calculate duration from the interval between metadata updates but this requirement may be to ease music reporting/logging.

As a work around, I suppose you could append the duration to the title metadata manually but that would be quite effort intensive.

Your second question has a more positive answer.

Either collecting a file from a remote URL or a swept folder will cope with variable length items.

Assuming the provider's delivery method fits, collecting from a remote URL is the approach I would try first.

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