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Times On Playout Log are Counting

On my playout log, the times next to each song are counting like a stopwatch. What the problem? Please help, thanks!

Attached is a video file of the problem. Of course, as the times keep counting, the system will delete songs from airplay at the bottom of the hour. So, for example, a 16 song hour gets reduced to 7 songs. This also happened on my other station but self-corrected after about 20 minutes, so the times are now static. Help from Jason or the community is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Andre,

This is expected if there are no tracks playing. The time is ticking because the 'current' track is not currently playing so future tracks will also play later.


Yes, when I took the video, no music was playing because I stopped the system to rectify the problem. But when I initially noticed the problem, music was playing.
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