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Several Playback Issues

Having several issues.

1. the timers in the decks do not work.

2.The bar *blue in the picture) only shows when I manually move the playhead.

3. The song stops playing before the Cue Out.

4. Even though set to play the next song automatically, it doesn't. The previous song just stops playing.

Software is up to date. Using Version 2.06 (Build:2785)

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Play It.JPG
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Well Mark, Very curious. I assume that the player outputs are selected to a sound output and that works with other audio. I’ve seen “nothing works” problems which ended up being sound card driver related. I would expect to see some levels on the playing track. If the end of track identification fails it can be low audio levels in the file. What do you see (and hear) if you preview the file ? I take it the files are “normal” mp3 files. PlayIt Live seems ok with both constant and variable bit rate files.

Thanks for your response, Mark. Player outputs seem fine and I can hear the audio. They are normal mp3 files and levels are good. I just played the file shown in the picture. It initially showed the correct time of the song, 3:04, in deck 1. When I check checked the box to fast forward, the song ended at the spot shown. A couple of things, the time shown in the deck changed from 3:04 to 6:15 (in red), 0:00 to 2:58 (in green), and no change in blue. The song, as you can see, stopped before the end cue and the next song did not play. Also the bar on the track showing playing progress does not move and the meter to left of the decks does not appear until after the track is checked (ticked) and manually forwarded, and even then it does not move, only appears and stays static. But again, once a track is playing it sounds fine!

It's taken me a while to be in a position to try this.

I'm not entirely sure why one might want to "seek" within a track while playing it, but for me it all seemed to work and transition to the next song.

If it doesn't work for some files it might be some attribute of the files, I can't think what however.

While I only run PlayIt Live as a "jukebox" at the moment, I just let tracks play to the end using the in and out points and  the default transitions.

Mark, the only reason I was "seeking" was to see if it affected the clock. The clocks still are not working and the tracks to not automatically play the next song, even though that is the way the tracks are set. 

Anyone else have any ideas my the clocks/counters to do not work properly or why the tracks do not play one after another automatically? Thanks!

Hi Mark,

This sounds like very bizarre behaviour and likely to do with something interfering with your setup. Please can you run this tool and send me your data and logs and I'll see if there is anything obvious standing out:


I'll give that a try. I agree, it is bizarre! Thanks, Jason!

Sent info for all three, Live, Voice Track and Cartwall. I do not have any problem with Voice Track. I've listed my issues with Live. With Cartwall, a lot of times it will not accept a new file. I send the info but I'm not sure where it goes.

Thanks again!

Hi Mark,

I got your data. Looking at your settings and logs it looks like there is a WDM and ASIO equivalent of your Behringer UMC device. It's possible these could be arguing with each other. I'd recommend trying setting everything to OUT 1-2 (2- BEHRINGER UMC 204HD 192k) across General > Track Editor, Decks Mode, Live Assist Mode and QuickCarts settings.

That did it, Jason. You are a genius! Thank you very much!

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