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Scheduling Issues

Just wanted to start off by saying I love the software! Its working great so far except for one small issue. Is there a way to tell the program which category/track groups to schedule first? I'm trying to configure with a Top 40 station that has heavy rotation, and it's not allowing the POWER category to schedule sometimes because the artist conflicts with something in a RECURRENT category. How can I get it to schedule POWER first and then if the artist is not available, have it choose a different song from the RECURRENT category? 

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Hi Jordan,

PlayIt Live will schedule a track at random from a track group that is available to play based on the playout policies. To schedule a track from POWER you put the track in the POWER track group and schedule that track group in the playout pattern or a clock. 

There is currently no way to schedule all the Power track groups first, followed by other track groups.

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