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mic plugin

hi Jason, can I use the mic plug in and my external mixer together. i'm thinking inline with an external sound card. 

Hi Mark,

The Microphone Mix plugin is designed to be used by users who do not have a mixer. It mixes the USB microphone with the main mix of PlayIt Live. If you already have a mixer, you should mix the audio from PlayIt Live through your mixer and use an XLR microphone in your mixer to mix the two together. Then broadcast the output from the mixer.

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We have the same concerns, already using our mixer for the mic.

Hi Kroffi I have overcome the problem by using the B output on my mixer into a second sound card configured for voice dropping.. I’m using a Sonifex Sovereign mixer .. it has a dual output A and B. The main out put is on Channel A with the mic switched to both A and B. It enables me to use live as normal without unplugging the mic to reconfigure for voice dropping.. if you need pictures let me know

Yes Mark... thanks

I’ll get the photos added over the next few days
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