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PlayIt Live Main Mix


Is there anyway to use PlayIt Live's main mix with any other program than PlayIt live?

For example, in the broadcast plugin, I can choose a «PlayIt Live Main Mix», would there be any other way to use it outside the broadcasting section?

Thanks :)


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Hi David,

No, the PlayIt LIve Main Mix is only used for the Internet Broadcast plugin. If you want to use PlayIt Live audio with another program I would recommend installing a virtual cable, e.g. (donationware), setting the PlayIt Live player outputs to the 'CABLE Input' and then using the 'CABLE Output' with your other program.



Thanks for your response.

I already installed Virtual Audio Cable, but the issue is that I bought the Microphone Mix PlugIn, and I'm not sure on how to output its sound to another program...


Hi David,

The Microphone Mix plugin is designed to be used with the Internet Broadcast plugin. There is no way to take the full mix and send it anywhere else.


Thanks for your answer.

Would there be any way to implement a simple Main Mix out please?

I think it could be very useful.

Thanks for your help.

Hello David & Jason,

I also think it would be useful to be able to send "main mix" to a "physical" output.

One obvious application would be where the various players go to different mixer channels but it is desirable to have an "overnight" or similar service that doesn't use the mixer or appears on a single fader..



I must admit I am confused as to why you can't take the main mix into OBS as a lot of stations are video streaming now.

Would it not work to take the audio out (headphones or line out) into line in and feed it that way?


I am confused too.

The PlayIt Live software is fantastic but is missing a main mix output, which is very important...

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I agree, having access to the main mix as an output would be beneficial. Can then use this to broadcast elsewhere (to speakers, PC application etc). 

Yes, It would be very beneficial indeed. It's the only thing missing in my opinion.

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