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Hi all What is the best encoder to use

We are setting up an online station and we are having problems with the stream shutting down and playit live is frozen we have to shut it down reopen it to get it working again we are using a VPN so is shoutcast or Icecast which is the best and which version?

Thank in advance


There are various virtual audio cables or virtual sound cards. I haven’t tried any so I can’t make any recommendations. There is also the Voicemeeter virtual mixer which people have used with PlayIt Live.

Hi There,


Sorry i did mean to say VPS windows 10 version, since we last spoke i have found out that it is to do with the sound card settings.


With it being a VPS there is no built in sound card like a normal pc you set the encoder as no audio, this was tried with radio boss and station playlist and both now work.


The problem with play it live we found is there is no setting for no audio you must add something in so is there anyway round this.

Hello Bill, Where does the VPN come in to it? Do you remote in to a machine running PlayIt Live using a VPN? PlayIt Live can stream reliably for many weeks using the streaming plug in. I would also favour Icecast.

Hi Bill,

It depends what you want to achieve with your streaming. Personally I prefer Icecast (version 2.4). It is straight forward to set up and broadcast to a 'mountpoint' and then listeners can listen to the same 'mountpoint'.

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