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Fixed Time Markers

 I am running my test stream on auto but was contemplating having either news or adverts at the top of the hour. Jason told me to use a fixed time marker at the start of the hour to keep to time, does this mean I have to go ahead and put a fixed time marker on every hour? That seems quite strange as I'm running on auto. I have come from Radio DJ where things like news get run at the time you specify after the nearest track has finished. I am not using clocks.

Is there a way to do this easily , if not I will just have to use it on random without scheduled events.


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The fixed time markers can be hard or soft, what you probably want is a soft marker.

Assuming your news is a file that would work. Obviously if it's a stream it won't.

You will need to use clocks (unless you drop the item into a live schedule).

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