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Playit live connecting to our server

Hi all, Setting up our new studio, our server has all tracks on it which are All showing up in the search bar on playit live But fail to load when we try to play them. I get: Player 1_0 failed to load: BASS_ERROR_FILEOPEN: File does not exist. The file does exist as I’ve just added tracks to test I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting etc. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Got it working now, thanks Jason and Mark

I'm assuming you have uploaded the files to PlayIt Manager and trying to get them to open in a remote PlayIt Live instance. Please follow this video which shows how to get started with PlayIt Manager and also shows how to set up a network share:

Hmm.... Is the network drive mapped as read only. I’ve noticed that there seems to be some sort of file locking needed.
Hi Mark, local files play and they’re MP3 Thanks for your responce
What happens with local copies on the playout machine? What format are the files ?
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