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Force loading and clock or url

Hi All, I am hoping that someone with a bit more knowledge can anwser me this one.

Basically is there a way to force a clock or url in to player or to play next like you can with a track?

Just to give an example

A clock loads with a URL, The url does not connect so it realise and goes in to the next track (all good so far).

I then realise that the URL didn't play and want to re-load that clock immediately to play next as it was a broadband disconnection that caused the problem and it's now back on.

My question is: is there a quick way to load a Clock again or even to stick a url on one of the carts or something so i can instantly get that url live?.

Any help would be Fab :)

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Hi Mark,

You can drag from the past into the present in the log to reload an old item.

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