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mixer not connecting to playitlive

We can hear music from playitlive from our app but the mixing desk where we have our mics and phone usb are not connecting. We need this to control vocals and reduce music levels etc. The mixer is showing levels of activity when we speak but this is not being recognised on the app. What do we need to do?

Norrie Hunter  

The following article about PlayIt Live and mixers might help:

You have a Zoom L-8 (from your comment on the linked article)

Hi Mark we have a zoom l-8 which we have selected pc as audio i/f and are suppsed to select the l-8 as the input output device. However nothing is showing on our pc. Please accept our apologies for our lack of knowledge but thank you for your patience and kindness for helping us Norrie

In the manual for the Zoom L-8

Page 77 it has how to set the mixer to work with a PC

I think you have done this.

In " control panel" (type this in the search box on the computer) then "sound" and the "recording" tab you should see the mixer as a device.

If you don't there seems to be a driver for windows at the bottom of this page

Is this installed and working ?

Try some recording software on the PC (Audacity for example) and see if that recognises the Zoom L-8

I can't see why it shouldn't work. I would expect you to see at least a stereo source.

It looks a very neat mixer.

One other thought, the iOS mode claims to be a "class complaint" device.

I would expect that to present as a stereo input and stereo output to the PC.

It will limit you to one fader with PlayIt Live on it but that would also be worth a try.


Hi Mark 

we may have to use another mixer as this one was obviously not designed for broadcasting. We have spent too much time energy and patience trying to get it to work. What a shame but I am exhausted trying to find a solution.

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