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getting on air

We have music playing on our app from our station manager Radiolize however when we want to start broadcasting we cant hear anything on our app from playitlive. We have downloaded the plugins and thought we were ready to go. What are we doing wrong? We have a mixer for taking in  phone calls and giving us a control over mic outputs. I am an utter novice at this broadcasting malarkey and would appreciate any help

This may not be simple....

I see on the Radiolize website:

How can I stream online via 3rd party softwares?

Go to “Streamer/DJ Accounts”. At the right side, you will see “Connection Information” box from your control panel menu. On the top of the box, there is IceCast 2 connection information. With that information, you can connect your radio station via 3rd party softwares that supports IceCast 2. 

Get the settings from there and put it in the "Internet Broadcast" plug in.

If you can't get it to work, initially try the support at Radiolize.

Once you can stream the "main mix" of PlayIt Live then you can select your mixer input instead of "main mix".

It should then work.

You will also need PlayIt Live on one or more mixer channels but hopefully you already have that sorted.

Thanks Mark we are now streaming but our mixer is  not being linked up to playitlive  so we cant use our phone lines and mix the sound outputs. What can we do ?

Well Norrie,

I'm going to have to guess a bit.

There will be some kind of connection between the computer with PlayIt Live and the mixer.

It could be that the mixer supports USB, in which case hopefully you have selected that output on PlayIt Live and you can hear PlayIt Live on a mixer channel. If this is the case then there will be an audio input (in Windows Mixer) for your mixer and you then need to select that as the source to stream in the "Audio Source To Broadcast" in the Internet Broadcast plugin. With luck you will see the black bar moving with the audio.

Alternatively, you may be using audio inputs and outputs built into your computer or an external USB sound card.

If that is the case then you need to find the sound settings for that device or input.

This is a reasonable guide to Windows sound settings:

Once you have found and adjusted the sound input from your mixer to the computer, once again select that as the source to stream in the "Audio Source To Broadcast" in the Internet Broadcast plugin.

If you provide more information about the setup I can be a bit more specific.

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