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The easiest way ..

I have a radio show three times a week and never the same music. I have built up track groups that I can select in my track list on the right side of the screen.

I like to set things up a few hours before the show, which usually turns out to be a big hassle.

What would be the simplest way, to take the evening track group and have it ready to play at a certain time?

I wish I could just hold down shift and highlight all my tracks in the track list and drag them to a specific time. I find the clocks and all that a major headache..

My very best regards to all  !


One afterthought

The key point is that the absolute path to the file needs to be correct.

If you make the playlist on the same machine as you play it on that will be easy.

If you don't you need both libraries in exactly the same place. 

You can see the path structure I use for my "main" library from the above.

If you prepare on a different machine and part of the path is different you could do replace on notepad to fix it.

Hello Garry,

I thought I would give it a go and it's fairly easy.

I made a playlist on Windows Media Player (in my case it was just a test so a few tracks from one folder but I can't see this would be a problem). 

I did "save list as" and picked m3u as the format.

Then I opened the file in Notepad (open with) and added a fixed time marker before the first track and after the #EXTM3U

The first few lines of my file were 


# Fixed Time Marker: Type=Hard; TargetTime=0m00s

#EXTINF:0,Bad Girls Groove - Star People.mp3

C:\Users\Admin\Music\Top Tunes\Blues\Bad Girls Groove\Bad Girls Groove EP\Bad Girls Groove - Star People.mp3

Everything other than the 

# Fixed Time Marker: Type=Hard; TargetTime=0m00s 

was in the file Windows Media Player had created.

I then imported my playlist to an empty hour and it worked (and played).

If I get a chance I might well do a bit more of a step by step with pictures but I can assure you it does work and it isn't difficult !

Not much success with playlists in the past. I tried a few and seems to always be errors. My guess is the playlist must be created by specific software. The ones I had were created by media monkey. I tried to create others with assorted software and always buggy.


I've never actually tried it (although I intend to) but have a look at inserting a playlist:

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