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"Split" Idents using Cart Player or Quick Carts?

Apologies if this has been asked before, I couldn't find anything.

Would it be possible for PiL to be used in terms of "Networking" like the bigger companies do where they split idents across all their stations.

Ideally I'd like to be able to use a normal playout log where a command is triggered to play an ident off of say the QuickCart or Cart Player to another encoder.

Hi Chris,

This is not something that is currently possible but is something that is being considered for the future. As you can probably imagine, this will not a feature available in the free version of PlayIt Live.


Good to hear it's in the works! Off topic but I've heard there is a web version of Remote VT being made for those with macs. I have a few presenters who are on Mac and this poses a problem currently. Do you have an estimated time of this being made available at all?

Good news travels fast :). This is currently in the works, but unfortunately there are many things going on right now so I am unable to provide an estimated time.

As an observation on "split adverts", historically there have been two models for this. One is that a single site has (say) two feeds and sends the same programme to both but adverts and idents are sent individually to each output.

The second is that the sustaining programme has gaps and triggers for adverts to fill the break and a separate machine awaits the trigger and mixes the incoming feed with locally inserted adverts.

I believe the second model is how Live 365 and similar work.

In the streaming world, the second model can also have some flexibility around timing as if the advert and gap don't exactly match the sustaining programme can be delayed a little, if there is a buffer on the incoming sustaining feed under runs can also be dealt with.


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