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 how do I make a 2 hour long show fit into the schedule, I can't seem to make it fit, it only fills in the 1 hr, and in the " Edit Schedule Item " box it allows me to give a start time but not a finish time, what have I not done, if i try a 1 hr show it does the same do I not need to give it a finish time cos in the schedule box in the time box I have selected the heading is dark blue then the space underneath with the show name in is light blue is this correct. Alan

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You would need to add the same block in another 1 hour slot.

E.G. Clock 1 for 12:00PM; Clock 1 for 1:00PM and so on. OR if it's a daily clock add it to the Clock Schedule as a daily clock and select the time(s) you want it to air.

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