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Mic Toggle key assignment missing

In settings/keyboard we have an issue where the key assignment to toggle mic is not showing in the list, any ideas ? 

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Hi Lee,

The keyboard assignment is shown after the Microphone Mix plugin is installed:

The Plugin is showing installed but the toggle has dissapiered 

we have tried un installing the plugin and now it will not allow us to re download 

Hi Lee,

How do you mean "it will not allow us to re download" ?

So the user (Not me) lost the push to talk button and the mic toggle key assignment in settings 

Looking into it on the surface it appeared that it was not installed when she had purchased it 

We uninstalled the plugin and she then went to re-install it however the download was showing it was licensed to her PC but then would not recognise the PC as the one she had originally purchased it on 

When I left her last night she was at her wits end with it, then overnight something happened her end (I couldn't see as I was unable to remote in) and today she has the plugin installed again and is able to broadcast live so panic over 

Same here. Had to re-install PlayIt on a new computer, and I've lost the Toggle Button and the ability to assign a keyboard shortcut. As you can see from the attached image, the button is missing, the ability to assign a key is missing, and the plug-in is running. 


Is there a way to reinstall my purchased plug in without having to purchase it a second time? 

My Friend managed it by doing something she doesn't know what she did but it reappared I think you have to uninstall it then re download and re assign the pc to it 

Hi Ellie,

If you need to install the plugin on a new computer and the original computer is no longer in use I can transfer this plugin. Please tell me the name of the old computer and the new computer and I can transfer this.


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