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Help Needed Urgently

Our stations 13 year old software has finally died we were using Myriad 3.4 yes I know that old, what I want to do is move everything across to PlayIt Live but I don’t know where to start we use two pcs at our station one is a production pc for clocks schedules etc and the other for playout they are obviously networked together can this be don with PlayIt Live any help would be greatly appreciated because at present we are off air
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Hello Malcolm,

The two computer model isn't really how PlayIt Live works although a number of other systems take that approach.

Although you can manage the playout computer remotely the split is a bit different.

You will also possibly find that your current hardware is a bit limited for PlayIt Live.

You really have two choices, attempting to get the old system to work again (which may not be impossible) or building a new system, in which case PlayIt Live on a "clean" Windows 10 installation and recent (so built within the last couple of years) hardware with a solid state drive would be a good answer. 

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