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Audio Processor Settings

 Does anyone have some typical settings for the Audio processor plugin?

Might save me some time, I play mostly blues music.

thanks in advance.

Hello George,

I don't think there is a simple answer to this as it depends on the overall production chain.

If (for example) you record a programme for later broadcast on a station, there may well be overall processing to give the "station sound" so recorded programmes should have minimal processing.

If there is no later processing but the programme is recorded I would use the tools in (for example) Audacity as the single thing that generally needs most processing is the presenter and PlayIt Live applies processing to the files at playout.

With blues (particularly vintage recordings) you may need some degree of AGC at the very least (although I would also ensure that the library has had MP3 gain or similar applied).

With downstream processing, in PlayIt Live I just use the AGC (with a target of -4 with respect to full scale). I leave the other processing settings off.


My settings,

There isn't much science behind them however....

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