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Getting Now Playing Widget to work over HTTP

Our station is getting a new website and our developer needs a web address where the now playing data will be sent to for our website to retrieve it, how do we do this? Thanks

Hello Jason, can this Now Playing HTTP, TCP be added to a Metadata Capture Encoder. I want to use it but dont have a lot of information about its functions.

@Spire Radio

The easy way of doing this (and probably the best) would be to include now playing metadata in the stream (using the "Now Playing" plug in) and then use the track information on the IceCast/Shoutcast server.

It that approach is impractical. a variant of this would be to send a separate (non-public) stream to a server just for that purpose, play the stream and use that track data to feed the website.  

Thank you, i got the audio streaming but not with metadata...working on it.

Your developer would need to create a web endpoint that can accept the now playing information from PlayIt Live and process the data in a way that they can display it on the website. Your developer should know the web address where they created the web endpoint.

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