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deck mode music stopping and encoder dumping the stream


When I line up tracks in decks mode one till 8 and the track in deck one stops playing it wont automatically jump to deck no 2 start playing deck two ??

 you have to manually click on play  to start it.

if you're not watching the screen as track stops the encoder dumping the stream when a track finishes trying to reconnect  until you click play on the track in deck two or three  to start the music again  then the encoder will kick back in streaming 


Hi JP,

In decks mode, tracks to do not advance from one cart to another. Decks mode is intended to be entirely manually operated. If you want to sequence tracks, use Live Assist Mode.

I am unable to reproduce the problem you are seeing with the encoder dumping the stream. Are you able to post a video which better demonstrates the issue?

Hi Jason thanks for the reply  i think there is a bit of a bug in your encoder somewhere along the line as its working now

But as the saying go it now has stopped sending the metadata on Now playing and that was working fine the other day  


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