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PlayIt Manager - Log Duplicates


We've recently started using PlayIt Manager for our network of radio presenters presenting from various locations. We're using the SyncTrayzor method to share the Audio Store between computers. We've got PlayIt Manager installed on a VPS.

Recently we've noticed that when 2 presenters open PlayIt Live, we get hour clocks duplicated. So instead of TOH - Song  - Jingle - Song, we're getting TOH - TOH - Song - Song - Jingle - Jingle - Song  - Song... Each PlayIt Live install has it set to "Semi Automation" turned on and set to generate 8 Hours 15 Mins ahead.

Is there a recommended method on how to prevent this? What I thinks happening is both PlayIt Live installs are generating, and PlayIt Manager is importing both together and merging.



Hi David,

I'm not able to reproduce this issue. This could possibly be caused by a user who has not fully synchronised. My suggestion would be for the user to switch the Manual mode and wait to synchronise and then switch the Log Scheduler on.

When a local PlayIt Live schedules items, it posts the updated hour of items to the server which then replaces the hour on the server with the posted items. It then notifies other connected PlayIt Lives which will synchronise the changes. It doesn't consciously do any merging.

Hi Jason,

That makes sense! I'm guessing because it's set to Semi Auto and generates a log before like you say, it syncs, then it creates an issue.

What would the best practice setup be in terms of each PlayIt Live install to be set to "Schedule Ahead" when using PlayIt Manager? Would it be worth having PlayIt Live running on the VPS just to generate the logs and turn off the log generation locally? (Or down to the default 15 minuites).


Hi David,

It's interesting that you are referring to Semi Auto mode - what version are you running? That's not a term that's used in v2.

I'd suggest you have one machine that's responsible for generating the log and set the other machines to manual.

Hi Jason,

Force of habit... I think in the events section it's still called Semi Auto for Automation Off and Log Scheduler On... we're running on the latest builds 2.06.

Ok cool, thats not a problem. I guess I can have PlayIt Live running on VPS but not playing anything out and it'll just keep generating the logs for each hour. Would be handy if PlayIt Manager could have generated the logs.

So sometimes we tell presenters to knock off the log scheduler as if an hour is underrunning PlayIt Live fills from our filler section but sometimes because these are short files it puts loads in... leaving Log Scheduler on means the presenters are fighting against it to fill the hour how they want it. Would it work ok having the central pc with it enabled and the presenters having log scheduler turned off? 


Hi David,

Ah yes, there's a 'todo' to change the naming on the scheduled event.

That's a valid request about PlayIt Manager to automatically generate the logs.

It would work fine for the central PC to have log scheduler enabled and presenters to switch it off.


Hi Jason, Just wanted to update you regarding this... So we've implemented a single dedicated pc to generate the logs with the Log Scheduler switch on (it's on the same server as PlayIt Manager is hosted). With the Log Scheduler switched turned on in the central location, we've found that when a presenter hits an "underrun", it uses the Playout Pattern to insert Fillers, but it's been sending it crazy with alot of fillers to fill a gap of a few minutes.... It's almost like it could do with another "mode" for PlayIt Live so presenters can have the underrun as if the Log Scheduler was switched off locally (to them), but still generate the logs from the central location. A bug I've found, which is causing alot of issues, is after a few days of running PlayIt Live on the Manager server is a memory usage issue....over 5GB of RAM! PlayIt Live in the central location is playing no audio, just generating the logs from the clocks. I'm not entirely sure what to do at the moment. Cheers, David

Hi David,

Just so you know, PlayIt Manager + PlayIt Live sync is designed for scenarios where multiple studios in the same building on the same network are linked together, sharing the same data, and where each studio is playing separately at different times of the day. The scenario where you are trying to use this to synchronise multiple presenters in various locations is not something that has been tested or is indeed officially supported.

With regards to the playout pattern filler, this does not happen if the presenters have Log Scheduler OFF.

For the 5GB issue, please can you create a memory dump of PlayIt Live and upload this to a cloud storage and provide a link. You can create a memory dump from the same screen where you took the screenshot, just right-click PlayIt Live and click Create Dump File. I can then try to determine where the memory is residing.



Bonjour Jason,

J'ai un peu le même probleme que le prmier poste j'explique ma config.

PlayIt manger sur une machine qui utilise aussi PLAYIT LIVE, et pour le moment 1 machine distante dans un autre studio qui lui est mobile le tout connecter avec votre metho syncthing.

Je me retouve un avoir certains fichiers audio en double voir en triple et même quadrule, si j'en efface il revien moins en double.

toute les machine sur la même configuration de dossier.

Traduction Google

Bonjour Jason,

J'ai un peu le même problème que le premier post j'explique ma config.

PlayIt mange sur une machine qui utilise également PLAYIT LIVE, et pour le moment 1 machine distante dans un autre studio qui est mobile pour cela, le tout pour se connecter avec votre métho syncthing.

Je me retrouve à avoir des fichiers audio en double ou même en triple et même en quadrule, si j'efface je ça revient moins en double.

toutes les machines sur la même configuration de dossier.


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