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Related tracks


I'm awareof the "related artists" feature in PlayIt Live.  Is there a way to set up related tracks for example - Soft Cell's Tainted Love and Rihanna's S&M (which samples Tainted Love)?....or do I have to put Soft Cell and Rihanna down as related artists as a workaround?

Thanks in advance.

First mistake - that should be Rihanna's SOS as opposed to S&M :)

Hi Brian,

I'm afraid your suggestion of relating Soft Cell to Rihanna is the only solution.

I guess, going forward, you are looking for a "related tracks" feature.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the reply - much appreciated.

"Related tracks" could be a useful feature akin to related artists.  If there's a wishlist, please put me down for that.  :)



Hi Brian,

There is a very long wish list here:

Please raise it as a feature request.



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