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Scheduling and streaming on a shared station

New user of the software and it looks like it could solve a problem for me.

My workflow.  I have 2 x 1 hour slots on a community radio station.

1 is me talking, or pre-recorded, intro music, jingles etc.

So, as it's a shared station and other DJ's are using MIXXX.  When our time comes, we click the stream button and we are off.

I'm wondering if I can set the scheduler, load the tracks and the voice, jingles and then the software will take the stream live at 9pm on a specific date?

Is this possible with the stream to internet plugin?

Many thanks for any input.  Andy.

Hello Andy,

Not quite.

A "timed" streaming event seems increasingly popular at the moment but isn't something PlayIt Live (or any other software I know of) can do.

You can do the opposite (take a stream to air at a time) relatively easily but what people seem to do is have a timed drop of contributor 1, a few seconds of a holding file (perhaps silence) and then the second person "goes live".

It's tricky to make this "slick" but it can be done.

A vote for this feature request

may help move it up Jason's "to do" list.

Thanks for your reply.  I've added my request!  Here's hoping!


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