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Broadcast Plugin Loses Connection to Shoutcast

Can anyone suggest where to begin to troubleshoot an issue I am having.

Playitlive continues playing  but the shoutcast stream connection has been broken and the listener hears dead air. Stopping and restarting broadcast immediately reconnects the stream.  

Have been having this issue for a while and would like to know if there is a log output that would help pinpoint the problem.



I was on 1.06 too,  will upgrade when able to access studio computer, when I try and upgrade remotely it's linking the plugin to my home computer.

Many Thanks


Thanks Jason, I had 1.06 and I've now updated to 1.09 on the system in question.

I'll see how that goes.

Hello. Please make sure you are running the latest version of the Internet Broadcast plugin from the Plugin Gallery. I made some changes recently around Shoutcast 2 which should resolve the incorrect status and reconnect properly.

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Hello Steve,

I've a test system here (it only plays stuff to me) and I've seen this with Shoutcast servers recently.

The system I'm using is a very under-powered Windows 10 tablet banished to the shed and I connect to it via RDP. 

It seems to happen if I'm doing anything with files (File Explorer) that would stress the computer.

Other manifestations are that the PlayIt Live display (remember this is via RDP) freezes.

The streaming plug in still says "On Air" but the Shoutcast server falls back to the file I've set it to play in the absence of a stream.

Sometimes I can recover it by stopping and starting the streams using the button, at other times it wants PlayIt Live to be restarted.

I wondered if it was the number of streams so reduced from 2 Shoutcast and one Icecast to a single Shoutcast and it still sometimes does it.    

The link from the PlayIt Live computer to one or more Raspberry Pi's running Icecast and Shoutcast isn't a "proper" Ethernet link (I use one of those network over mains adapters as the PlayIt Live computer is in the shed).

My guess for the cause is packet loss between the PlayIt Live system and the Shoutcast Server.

I can't reproduce it but I'm keeping an eye on it.

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Not answered you until now Mark as to date the issue hasnt happened again (fingers crossed). Will check the shoutcast logs next time.



Hello Steve,

It may not be very informative but Shoutcast logs connections etc.

Using a different encoder will help to separate the possible reasons (wide area network connection vs encoder software issues).

I assume that the computer isn't suffering from high CPU/glitches and there is nothing causing the connection to the server to get traffic peaks and thus likely lost packets..

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Hi Steve,

You are not the first person to report this issue. Unfortunately I have no clear steps to reproduce this issue and therefore unable to provide a fix - i.e. how do I know if it is fixed if I don't know how to reproduce it. If someone can find a consistent set of reproduction steps to replicate the problem I would be happy to fix the issue.

Note that I have never encountered this issue on my side.

As an alternative, you can use a different encoder such as BUTT or Rocket Broadcaster.


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