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C Drive Filling up

I bought a new PC with nothing on it, purely as a playout machine.  Since installing and running Playit Live, which I really like, the C drive seems to have filled dramatically.  out of 120GB there is only 3.83 remaining.  

My audio is stored on the E Drive, which is 2TB of which there is still 1.63 remaining.

Has anyone else had this, and if so how do you go about halting the filling up of the C Drive?

Many thanks

Hi Nick,

PlayIt Live does store a database and logs in C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Live. If you are running the latest version it should be clearing out the logs every 7 days - you can check the folder C:\ProgramData\PlayIt LIve\logs to see if there is a lot of space being taken up by those.

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Following my earlier post, I have managed to free up some space, but it seems that PlayIt logs are still taking up some 11GB.  Is there a feature that deletes them, or can even overwrite them, as it seems that this LOG folder is going to grow exponentially, I've only been using the software for about 2 weeks!

Hello Nick,

I had a Windows 10 laptop with a 120GB SSD in it (just running PlayIt Live) running a simple schedule for months and it didn't fill up.

Something else is happening.

I wonder if Windows has done loads of updates and you have "leftovers" as a result.

Disk cleanup might show you something.

My other favorite for Windows problems is OneDrive or similar syncing massive folders.

Hi Mark,

Many thanks, I'll do some digging, fingers crossed that the PlayIt logs won't be so big now that my library seems to be almost sorted, so not as much logging will be required, I think!


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