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PlayIt manager Audio Store Location

As suggested in the string here;

It is not currently possible to choose a different location for the audio store. A workaround is to use a junction to remap the C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Manager\AudioStore folder to another location. Please follow these instructions:

1. Stop PlayIt Manager running.

2. Move C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Manager\AudioStore to another hard drive location, for example H:\

3. Go to Start Menu and type cmd

4. Type cd "C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Manager" and press enter

5. Type mklink /J AudioStore "H:\AudioStore"


This will create a junction link between C:\ProgramData\PlayIt Manager\AudioStore and H:\AudioStore

All future uploaded tracks should now be stored on your larger hard drive.

I have carried out this task, but there seems to be no audio being stored there!

Am I doing something wrong?

What I am trying to achieve is, adding tracks to the system from a folder that I have called 'new tracks for adding'.

I would then like to add the tracks, once added, to remove them from this  folder as they are already added.

I maybe wrong, but I understood that once audio is added, it would be stored in the 'Audio Store'?

Since carrying out the above operation, there are no files within the 'Audio Store' in it's new location on the larger E Drive.

Could anyone shed any light on this please?

Many thanks

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Hi Nick,

If you are using the Folder on Server option then the files will be referenced and not copied/moved to the Audio Store folder. The Audio Store folder is used for the Upload to Server feature or for uploaded voice tracks when remote voice tracking.

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