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FLOW DECONECTION if greater than 128kbps

hello as soon as we want to broadcast with a bitrate higher than 128 kps (ex 192 or 360) the flow stops during the broadcast (there are blanks)
We broadcast with very good internet speed (fiber) and the shoutcast server is planned for 360 kbps. Thanks for your help ERIC

Hello Eric,

Try a different encoder (for example Broadcast Using This Tool B.U.T.T. ) and see if that helps.

You might not want the absolutely newest version (0.1.20) as that seems to have a bug (well at least I couldn't get it to install) but I've used 0.1.14 successfully.

Please ensure you are running the latest version of the Internet Broadcast plugin. Also ensure that you are not running other programs that could be stealing CPU away from the real time encoder.

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