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Uh another one, now about volume control

Is there a way to lower the volume coming out of PlayIt Live ? I use kernel streaming into my software processor, and I would like the input to be -6db.

I use Omnia 9x software and Breakaway Pipeline as virtual cables....

Any one ?

All the best

Jess Pedersen

Jess, I would expect some kind of "input gain" control on the Omnia even if the input is "virtual".

Also, what do you mean by -6dB ?

Is that -6dB with respect to "digital peak" (or about 4dB higher than I would expect audio to be) or 6dB lower than it currently is ?

Within reason, the Omnia will "make up" low levels although that is undesirable and it is better to have the input level correct (by adjustment of the processor input gain or otherwise).

If your files are the wrong level, fixing that would be a good idea.

I take it that it is an entirely "software" setup so no mixer in the system.

Hi mark

Thanks for the answer.

Yes its all "software" setup. 

With -6db I mean peak. The preset I have got made plays at it finest if the peak is -6db peak, I'm not a pro so dont know if thats rubbish though :-) But if the input on our rock is at chrushed 0db I would think that Omnia has nothing to play with.

I have searched the Omnia Software and theres a input gain, no way to decrease the input though :-( Thats why I hoped PlayIt Live hat a setting to lower the output. I know RadioDJ got it

All The Best

Jess Pedersen

Jess, a negative input gain should reduce the input level to the processing. If it allows increase I’n fairly sure it will do decrease as well. I take it your signal is currently too loud. As a matter of interest what does this meter show the level out of PlayIt Live as?

Well this is what it looks like... Thats how music looks like now in 2020 :-D

I have now tried Stereo Tool at that program also only gives you the option to increase the volume, not decrease...

Fairly obvious from the pictures, the files are too loud !

Assuming they are MP3s then use MP3 gain on them.

Use the default settings and it will take (I guess) perhaps 12 dB off the files. You can adjust it but the default target isn't a bad place to start. Experiment with a (copy) file. 

There remains the problem that the source of the files (whatever it is) seems to be making files that are too loud, but as far as it is possible, MP3 gain will fix the files.

Well thats the problem... I use Flac-files for the stream :-D So Mp3Gain is no go. 

I used TrackTool from Station Playlist and that did the trick :-)

Well Nope it did not.. I was to fast on the keyboard :-D

Slightly painful, but as FLAC is lossless you could import the too loud files into an editor (for example Audacity) reduce the level and re-encode a copy without quality loss.

There is some kind of batch converter Google came up with but I've no experience of it so I can't really suggest that approach.

Some software uses a tag (replay gain) but I don't think PlayIt Live recognises that. This may be the root of the problem with your files.

As an experiment, make a high bitrate MP3 (say 320kb/s) from a "loud" file and put it through MP3 gain and see how that works.

I found a way to do it in Adobe Audition... I will try to make a copy of them and try it there...... Thank you so much for the help :-) You dont have an answer to my other question about TOH Weather setup do you ? :-D

All the best


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