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Clock Layout


I'm confused with regards to setting up a clock... what I thought should happen isn't happening.

So I've set up an hour clock, with an "overschedule" of music to ensure the hour is full.

At the start of the hour is a TOH jingle (selected by Track Group).

We then play Song - Jingle - Song - Jingle... ect...
About 9 songs in... it should "roughly" be halfpast the hour where we play a trigger file for Live365's Inject Ads.

We need to play another of the Live365 injected trigger before the end of the hour... the idea is to play the Ad Injection trigger as the last thing of the hour before it rolls over to the next hour (with the following item being the TOH jingle). 

I've set a soft marker of 58:00 (the trigger file is 2 minutes long). I don't want to set a hard marker as that can sound a little "clunky" cutting a song off... we want it to be the last item... but it's not an issue if its 30 seconds early or late.

However, we've found that around 53 minutes past, PlayItLive throws a wobbly and stops... the Softmarker also throws a no entry sign over it.... any idea how I should structure the clock so it can work right? On "other" software we can use a "Run To Time" command that seems to make the softmarkers run fine.


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At the moment I don't know of a way of "nicely" back timing the rotation to finish at 58 minutes using the scheduler and PlayIt Live.

As you say, the hard marker is "clunky".

Live 365 have a feature called "Nice Fit" for adverts. Personally I would try having two "floating" blocks of adverts in the hour (say aim for 20 & 50 minutes.

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