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Fire cue from mixing desk

Hi there, 

I have Allen & Heath XBS 14. The desk apparently has a start/stop cue feature. Is there anyway `s I press the 'on' button to start what is on the layout log in Playit live. 


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Well Thomas, not easily.

I see on page 27 of the XB-14 MK2 User Guide ( that there is the remote B D-Type with an "open collector" for each stereo channel start.

However, it isn't simple to get this into PlayIt Live.

The remote start Plugin ( ) will take MIDI (and works well with a MIDI pad) but that's not what your mixer produces.

I've not tried it myself (although I'm interested in doing so hence I did some research) but this looks the most promising product available:

The website suggests that "custom" products are available and I would drop them a line explaining that you want to turn mixer start GPIOs into MIDI commands and see if you can get a "special".

It's a rather nicer solution than trying to emulate keyboard key presses    

If you do get this working I would be interested in hearing about it.

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