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Inserting a break in the schedule

I need to use the software to play a couple of clips and then stop until the next top of the hour.  We're using that to play the news and the station ID.  After play I want the program to sit there in silence, don't play anything just be a good program.  How do I accomplish this?

Hi Justin,

You can use Break Notes to insert silence for a desired period of time.

Thank you. I figured it out last night after I posted. I do see one issue I cant resolve. I want my item to start at top of the hour regardless of anything else. Using that hard time it goes back in time instead if forward. If I make a change I dont want to wait at the computer until the next hour starts for the item to play. How can that be fixed so that let's say I'm at 10:25pm and I want my next event to being promptly st 11pm. That hard time will show as 10pm not 11pm.

Can no one help me here?  So if the software gets shutdown mid hour or we have a power failure or something I have to sit here and babysit it until the next hour.  There's no way to do a join in progress or have that hard time countdown cue up to the right time?  

Tonight I lost power, started the app back up and I don't want it to play my newscast until the next hour.  However if I push Automation on then it will play and I can't stop it.

Justin, as far as I know, when the software restarts the schedule will be there but you could edit items in it (thus delete the newscast) and I think it will then play until the next one (which I assume is forced to be at the top of the hour).

Once you have the remainder of the hour scheduled you can go back to automation.

Am I missing something ?

Right now its playing the file over and over once automation is selected.  It never cues up the timed break for 56 minutes.  

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