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Transfer Nowplaying license to a new Pc ?

We have changed our streamig på, and now we cant use the NowPLaying plug in on that user because its a different pc... Do we have to buy it again or is there a workaround to for it not to be locked to the old pc ?

All the best


thank you

Hi Julien,

You can make a transfer request from the plugins page here:

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ooops, it's remote control plugin for me...

Hello. I have the same problem, i've changed PC. The oldest is PC-JULIEN. The new pc is JULIEN-HP2020   . Can you make the transfer please ? 

Hi Jess,

I have transferred the plugin. Please redownload the plugin to apply the change.

That would be great. The computer name is RadioFrejaRock

And computer description is Freja Rock

Hi Jess,

If the old PC is no longer in use I can transfer the plugin free-of-charge. Please let me know the name of the new PC and I can transfer it.

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