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Volume control on screen

This may sound like a stupid question but where do you alter the volume of the track playing asit sometimes pops into the red sector and I would prefer it was in the amber.

Any help would be appreciated.

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In the sense that you are asking, you don't !

It sounds like your file may be a bit high level.

What you can do (with MP3 files) is use MP3 Gain

Obviously keep a copy of files but try this (on the default settings).

I don't know what the calibration of the PlayIt Live meters is but generally with digital audio "red" is below the digital peak.

Keeping audio peaks (PPM 6 in old money) 10dB below the system maximum wouldn't be a bad rule of thumb.

"In Europe, the EBU recommend that -18 dBFS equates to the Alignment Level, and for UK broadcasters, Alignment Level is taken as 0 dBu (PPM4 or -4VU)".

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