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Playit Live won't open

First time user, new computer (Windows 10 Pro).  Downloaded Playit Live--program seems to download, but the program won't open at all.  No error messages, nothing.  Just won't open.  The Wheel whirls for about one second and then nothing. Ideas?

Odd Chris.

Possibly try downloading it again (you could download an older version ( ) and see i that helps.

Has the installer apparently run but the application won't start or is it the installer that won't run ?

I did once have a similar problem on a Windows 7 machine and that didn't have an obvious cause but it was similarly a new Windows install. Once Windows had spent a day updating itself, PlayIt Live was fine. 

I wonder if your problem is similar and something Windows Update is doing is upsetting things.


Please ensure you have applied all additional Windows updates from your new install to ensure you have the necessary prerequisites for PlayIt Live. 

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